Cat Beast


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Created By:

Fabrication Machine

Destroyed By:

7 (2009 film) 9 (2005 film)

First Appearance:

9 (2005 film)

Made from:

Cat skeleton

The Cat Beast, or usually simply referred to as "The Beast", is the first enemy of the 9 in all forms of 9. It was made by the Fabrication Machine to find The Talisman and return it to it's master.

Appearance (2005 film)Edit

In the 2005 film of 9, The cat beast was made from the skeleton of a cat and had spines protruding from its back. Instead of taking it back to the Fabrication Machine, the cat beast carried and used the talisman itself. Instead of having the standard red eye of the machines, it had a green eye and the flashlight. The cat beast also would adorn itself with the backs/numbers of those it had killed. The cat beast died in the 2005 short when 9 tricked it into standing on an unstable platform that lead to a high drop into the floor of the library. 9 then used a sort of transport made earlier in the film to get to a platform that the cat beast could not reach. 9 then kicked down the book keeping the platform standing into the abyss, sending the dumbfounded cat beast down to be impaled by the pointed platform and die. 9 then combined the talisman halves and freed the souls of the fallen.

Appearance (2009 film)Edit

In the 2009 feature-length film 9, the cat beast makes another appearance early on. During this film, the cat beast does not adorn itself with the numbers of the dead, for it has not killed any of them. It's green eye is replaced with a red one and instead of a necklace to keep the talisman it uses the cat's collar.

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